Websites and web-applications using Symfony, Angular or WordPress

My website is not always up-to-date. Yet, please have a look at my StackOverflow story!


Deep dive into cinema

Myrole is an online app handling actors and extras on the set of big productions.

This web-application designed in Symfony handles all the workflow for actors, from the early stages of the casting process, to final accounting, including the generation of all required administrative documents.

Dudes from Warner Bros love us

Among other movies, this software helped in the making of Christopher Nolan’s «Dunkirk» featuring more than 1 500 actors at once in a single scene.

My associate and i were sent on the set of the movie to provide formations and constant backup help. Field-development was made during the shooting to answer the american production’s requirements in real-time.

40 000Actor profiles
15 000Contracts generated
29 moviesFrom 2015 to 2017


More than 30 websites… Undercover.

I work as a freelancer for several agencies. My websites are most often white-labeled and i can not freely display them here for confidentiality reasons. Contact me to get my book, for your eyes only.

Websites and web-apps for eclectic domains

I got the chance to work for very different activity domains: Humanitarian groups, Research in solar energy, Luxury tourism, Wellness centers, Sports associations, Politics…

For your project, please contact me to get my associated references in your domain of activities!

10 yearsOf experience
+30Websites conceived
3Partner agencies

Photography & videos

I’m not a professional photographer, but i know how to make great visuals out of a situation. For a web project, the image is one essential point of the impact you’ll have. I selected here a few images i captured when i was meeting beautiful people, discovering inspiring places or shooting documentation during a festival: