Web-developer, human-shaped

Abuses of our consumer society imposes us to reconsider our way of life, and think about environmental and social issues our old habits imply. I am eager to work on projects fitting my personal commitments, in France and abroad.

My abilities are not limited to web. If you feel like working with a web-developer who also has experience of life, that you can send on the field to understand the commercial implications, the context or the local stakes of your project, i might just be your man! Dig further down this page if you want to know more:



Symfony is a world-renowned framework for web-applications development. Using it allows seamless design of large scale softwares, eases team-work and code sharing between developers. Btw, it’s French.

Afeet, hitchhiking, by van, by car, on a rope, on a bike, or as a tourist but that’s rare. I grew the habit to always take parrallel roads since the most obvious ways is never the best. As such, i avoided the main axis in Ireland, Quebec, USA, Italy, Scotland, Serbia, Morocco, Hungaria, Canary islands, Germany, Turky, Swiss and especially along the forgotten tracks of the south of France…

Angular is a widespreak framework for front applications. Many solutions are fighting over this scene, but Angular is winning it by becoming a standard in low-cost hybrid mobile apps development.

I do go out, sometimes. If outside implies to carry a cello up a 3500 meters peak, pull my flatmate out of a crevasse or help the evacuation of an alpinist by helicopter, i call it a decent week-end.

WordPress is the most-used content management system throughout the world. A nicely-thought website creation with WordPress allows its owner to update the site’s contents without much specific knowledge.

Reach places you are not supposed to reach when the only way is down, without any choice but keeping forward in the freezing water of a wild river, it help sleep at night. After a few workshops about rope technics and emergency rescue, i now love the smell of neoprene in the morning!

A well-designed website means anyone can visit it seamlessly, its content is clearly organized, easily accessible and search engines optimized. HTML5 and CSS3 make developers life much easier for this.

For ethical reasons, i now boycott skiing resorts. So i grabbed my old snowboard, split it in half, and now i climb wild snowy faces with these skis, then join them on top and go down snowboarding. Yes, this design exists and it is called a splitboard.

Flash is dead! JQuery and User Interface allow the creation of intuitive experiences without use of proprietary solutions. Being super-light on javascript and falling back to CSS3 for animations is the way to go for fluid, optimized animations that work on less powerful devices (cellphones…).

Balance is important in life, and is a big part of mine. So, why not test my balance, standing on a 25 millimeters strap over a river?

« It has to feel like a video game! » This is my creed for web-applications. My team and i had many cheerful feedbacks from our 40 000 users on Myrole.

For about 50 000 years men watched the sky, envying birds. Now we designed paragliding about 50 years ago and everyone alreay seems all bored about it, like it’s always been around. No, i really had to try it. So i passed my pilot licence, but i still turn blue when the skies get a little shaky.

There are many obvious and common rules in web development to protect your software from XSS injections, keep your data from being hacked or protect everyone’s privacy. There is a whole world of stuff to talk about out there… I always apply the capital guidelines on every project.

Because when you try to live fully, you can encounter conflicts. Or situations needing efficient solving. Being confident about not getting hurt helps to keep more integrity when facing the most… complicated moments.

A well referenced website that appears on top in Google results, is most likely a site that is pertinent for a human. It’s that simple. So i leave « Black Hat » hacking techniques to experts, but they agree to say i design a great basis for « natural » SEO.

When i was 8, i assembled old mixers parts with an alarm clock, and it worked. Today, i helped on a dozen of flat restorations or other various handworks. I also spend a lot of time designing stuff in certain opportunities such as here: a giant trojan shrimp. Don’t ask.