full stack - web application developer Angular, Symfony and
human added value

I develop web applications and great quality manageable websites in responsive design. I focus on project management, customer happiness and user experience. Well now, what about you?

I just need a website. I have a great web-app' concept! I'm curious. What have you done?

« Giving a damn »

Very concerned about about our civilisation’s social and environmental impact, i am looking forward to working on projects aligned with my personal commitment. Thus why not use my eclectic knowledge during a field-work mission abroad!

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A few of my specialties


Symfony is a world-renowned framework for web-applications development. Using it allows seamless design of large scale softwares, eases team-work and code sharing between developers. Btw, it’s French.


Angular is a widespreak framework for front applications. Many solutions are fighting over this scene, but Angular is winning it by becoming a standard in low-cost hybrid mobile apps development.


WordPress is the most used content management system throughout the world. A nicely-thought website creation with WordPress allows its owner to update the site’s contents without any specific knowledge.

Responsive Design

Current trend is in flexible websites that adapt to the visitor’s screen size. You do not want to lose clients because they can’t check you out from their mobile phone!