Case study

Tell me what worries you and i’ll explain why it’s gonna be fine.

« I just want a website »

You need a beautiful website to update all-by-yourself, using responsive design! This is how it works:

A thorough planning

After a first contact, we fill in a Q&A form to better discern your needs. An analysis phase allows me to suggest what’s the best-fitting solution for your needs. I suggest a couple of options and we agree on a budget.

To start with visual conception, i need 30% in advance. Then I offer you different graphical approaches and you get to choose which one you prefer. With your feedbacks, we validate a definitive design to start the development process.

Development takes time. Meanwhile, do what you want. Go on holidays. Breath deeply. Do sports. Go to the mountains!

I give you access to a work-in-progress version of the website to get your feedback and add the final touch.

During final opening of the website, we settle the last payment and i provide you with a short course in how to best use and update your website.

Zealous work

User experience: The back-office dedicated to administration is carefully designed just for your comfort.

Freedom: You own the access codes to both the hosting provider, and the source code. This way, you are free to hire an other developer later on.



Integrity: My code is guaranteed without “timebomb”, the planned obsolescence of websites.

« I have a great idea for a web-app! »

For a web application, anything is possible. We are limitless… Well apart for the budget of course. But do not be discouraged: If you have a reliable economic model, we can agree on a reduced development cost, with a percentage of the app revenues.

A well-tailored conception

When we meet, we talk about the functionalities of the future app and its economic model. Although more functionalities involve a longer and more expensive work, we still need to talk about ideas that might come later, to best prepare the code for further evolutions.

Clearly, half the work is paper! Planification of each functionnality must be done the abstract way, instead of saying « There will be a button here that does… ». We talk and organize concepts, not buttons. Development comes second.


Once all this wood-choppping is taken care of, development can start and a hidden dev’ version is deployed to let you experience every functionality and hire « Beta-testers » fitting your future clientèle.

After the Grand Opening, we drink french Champagne and we talk about different options for maintenance and debug. Also, you own the access codes to hosting provider and source code. This way, you are free to hire one or more developers to work on the app.

« We want you, right here, right now! »

Mobile & eclectic

I am a traveler. If you are a NGO doing missions abroad, do contact me to tell me more about your projects. In addition to my website skills, i am able to produce great quality pictures and videos. Check them out in my references.

Field experience

I happened to work on a web-app while it was fully operational (see the shooting of the movie Dunkirk) . But i can also handle the whole multimedia communication aspects of a humanitarian field mission or team-up with a social-manager to raise your actions notoriety.